Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Wasp's Nest And A Liquid

Last weekend I took a bunch of photos of specimens I've collected over the years. Some included an assortment of bottles apothecary and otherwise. Wanted to pepper them into my book that's due out soon, Strange Vintage Fictions, The World of HaggisVitae. I'm uploading the interior file as I type this. The cover next. Hopefully it meets all specs and requirements and I can get my proof copy to approve soon.

It's going to be one of the strangest books you'll ever want to own--filled with my SVF images, Victorian Haiku, narratives, photos, etc.

For any readers who are interested, I'll keep this blog updated with any and all info about ordering. Also, remember to check my website.

For now I'll keep posting these little goodies. I truly have an addiction to strange tiny specimens of a biological nature--bugs, wings, bones, ex-creatures, exoskeletons, nests, eggs, fossils, feathers, etc. My other collections include a small one of chemical glassware, the older and more patinaed the better. And bottles, mostly tiny, strange and old bottles that are uncommon. But also anything that smacks of an old apothecary shop. I have no control when it comes to this stuff. If I see something I want, it ends up in my curio cabinet. Hope you enjoy seeing these wee treasures. :)

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