Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Girl Who Reads to Birds? OUR BOOK IS HERE!!

Yes, our book is finally available. After a year of trials and tribulations, I finally took the bull by the horns and designed the book myself (thankfully!) I can say with pride and relief that it's now available. And it's beautiful. Michael's wondrous tale of Avery Street, an eccentric young girl who follows her heart in all matters, paired with my illustrations have come together as a very special book.

From the Michael Titus, the author:

"The Girl Who Read To Birds tells the tale of Avery Street, an eccentric young girl who is urged by those around her to conform and be practical. But she has friends in high places - birds - and she refuses to abandon her belief in the power of the imagination; it's in her blood, and she'll do anything, even if it means following a dangerous path, to overcome the odds and keep herself terrible alive in a world where magic and wonder are all but extinct."

Should you have any questions about ordering your copy or multiple copies, please see the link above or email me. Many thanks for taking a look at our creation. :) To order either go to our WEBSITE or directly to our eStore.

We want to thank all friends and family who've stood by us and listened to our tales of woe throughout the last twelve months. And most especially, I'd like to thank Eveshka "Peanut" Guranich for being our perfect Avery. It's because of you this book is so beautiful.

NOTE: This is not the cover of the book, but rather one of the interior illustrations.  Here's the true cover.

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