Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lunar Arrangements at Dalet Gallery - A Group Show

Come one, come all. Next Friday evening, February 3rd from 5-9pm at Dalet Gallery in Philly. Lunar Arrangement, a group show featuring 6 artists kicks off with an opening reception. It's First Friday in Philly, so plan to get there early and see the other gallery offerings.

There was a bit of contention about the title of the show, originally it was to be called "Lunar Derangements" which I think I liked more than the other artists. But I think my work fits the deranged bit more than their work, so I completely understand. I'd love to see any and all who'd like to come say hi at the show. I believe I have around 14 pieces on the walls. Quite exciting! BE THERE!

Friday, January 6, 2012

When Twain Meets Brain

When Twain Meets Brain
He had read Mark Twain's "Pudd'nhead Wilson" and though he loved the story with all its social commentary, the title seemed to influence his daily life most. He was asked to hang the puddings every week and did so without question. But this time the blankness of their forms ate at his soul. He could not allow it to continue. This time it would be different.