Sunday, November 28, 2010

Night Guard [Memory]

In Norse mythology, the god Odin was known as the Raven God, because he kept two ravens as messengers, Huginn and Muninn. These birds were sent off each day to fly around the world to observe and bring back information to Odin. It was said that Odin gave his two ravens the ability to speak so that they could keep him informed about important events in the world.

Muninn is Old Norse for "memory."


Thinking about warfare and lost soldiers through the ages. This image is the result.

Donating a large print of this image to the Veteran's Sanctuary in Allentown PA. This is a brand new facility housed in an old church building in the city where vets and their families go to heal. Each state, each city needs one of these. Our vets have been so overlooked in this country. If you can, make a donation to aid these amazing men and women. We owe them so much more than what they are currently receiving.

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