Friday, July 3, 2015

Philly Folk Fest is approaching way too quickly!

I promised that this year I'd be much more faithful to my blog. Well, wow did I suddenly get busy. This is a good thing, and maybe a lesson in not putting too much pressure on myself. It's now July but really beautiful outside here in PA. I'm in my studio working which makes me truly joyous. Right now I'm busy scrambling to get a huge inventory of things ready to populate my tent at the Philadelphia Folk Fest in mid August. I'm a bit nervous about a show this big when I really have only done one other outdoor festival and it was just a day event. Anyway, I'm producing work that I'm really pleased with. Would love it if everyone could come out and support the musicians as well as all the artisans in the marketplace section of the fest, which as I'm told, is just inside the main entrance. Look for me and my huge banner that says "HaggisVitae Studios."
Tweak the pup loves the banner!

I'll also have these three pieces sitting outside the booth, hopefully speaking to passers by, inviting them into my strange little world.

In addition to these painted pieces, I'll have pinback button sets, lots of monster paintings, some smaller raven paintings, vintage fictions pieces, limited edition fine art prints, posters, wallet cases and so much more. Come join me! I'd love to say hello. I'm sure it will be hot and crazy and fun and for this introvert, sensory overload. But I'll be there with bells on, probably literally.

AUGUST 14, 15, and 16, 2015

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