Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lots of new lamps from my ole brain box...

I've been working quite a bit lately, prepping for the Philly Folk Fest. It's a huge event, so I'm truly stressing over having enough inventory. If it all sells, I will be dancing in the streets... I'll even wear bells on me feetsies! Getting started and set up to do these outdoor festivals is an expensive proposition. Will be whirling ecstatically like a dervish if I make back what I've spent. Maybe?.... please? ;)

New lights are happening. And I have to say, I'm so happy with each and every one, for different reasons. They will be hard to part with. Sometimes I feel like I need to hold on to a piece for a while, and get to know it and live with it, other times, I don't feel as attached. These guys I'm really attached to. One has already sold (Signals), and there are some request for info about a few others. If you have any interest in any of these, just email me or message me through my Facebook artist's page. Or, if you'd like a custom lamp designed with your ideas incorporated. I can even use family photos, etc. Just so it fits in with my aesthetic, I'm happy to work with you! In other words, no purple unicorns leaping happily over rainbows. Think dark, vintage, dusty, science-y. If you're not sure, just ask.

UPDATE:  SOLD! Most recently completed is "Bestiary" which has Medieval mythological monsters as its theme. This one contains a glass eyeball charm with a connected vintage watch gear, an image of some crazy12-legged beast of the dark ages, an ancient key, a dark lizard winding it's way nicely along the top, standing guard. Along the bottom there's vintage braiding. I tinted some handmade papers for the top of this that allow the gold paint to sparkle through. The colors are sort of golden/golden green and jewel tones with lots of darkness intermingled in the design. If you are interested in purchasing this one, just click here.
"Bestiary" by Julie Miller

"Bestiary" by Julie Miller

"Bestiary" by Julie Miller

"Bestiary" by Julie Miller

"Bestiary" by Julie Miller

"Signals" This one incorporates a mandible, brass bells from India, a small glass cabochon with the face of a cherub, and various anatomical illustrations. The feet are copper leafed.

Next, working backward is this ode to the bats of the world, "Mad As The Night." Created this one in an old beehive clock case that was a bland dark brown. Added details like a vintage moon glass cabochon, a large rusted washer, aged silk cording, handmade paper (the patterned red you see), a vintage cabinet hardware closure, some mammal bones found by a friend, and some leather braiding at the bottom.

And the first one I made using one of the bones (found in the woods by a good friend and gifted to me in a bag... I love my friends), is called "Osteographia." This is a small nightlight sized piece just as the first one in this blog post. I will be so sad to see 'im go, but he is going to a good home! Materials include, a mammal femur (again, a gift from a friend found in her back yard), vintage medical illustrations, a small glass vial of pigment, and a heart glass cabochon (as well as metal bits and wires and such.)

Last but not least is this piece with one fish, that turns into a bunch of fish when the light is turned on. The quote is "Below the surface, there is no alone." So the title of the piece is "Below The Surface, There Is No Alone."This little lovely incorporates a little fly/wasp glass cabochon, antique braiding (around sides and back), upholstery tacks, a small glass vial containing fish bones (found in seagull uhhhh, regurgitations near my sisters house on the Chesapeake), and one of the brass domes I had custom made in India! Phewww... that's a lot of stuff. When the light is off, our fish friend swims alone, but after dark, when the light is on, his friends come out in numbers.

Thanks for having a look, and again, if you are interested in any of them just contact me or head to my website where I have them for sale, and do it soon, as these lights seem to get snapped up very quickly. If you can, come on out to the Philly Folk Fest! Look for the tent with all the HaggisVitae signage.


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  1. Just an FYI, Bestiary is sold. Thank so you SO much to the purchaser, you know who you are. ;) Shipping tomorrow.