Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lady Eustacia Hexadecimal In Her Study

Lady Eustacia Hexidecimal In Her Study

Try as he may, Drear the raven could not win the affections of Lady Eustacia. She would sit in her study cooing softly to her monstrously large raccoon, Grace, who was so adored she was allowed to lie upon the desk leaving very little room for much of anything. The raven brought feather after feather to Eustacia knowing her love of feathered head dresses, but she noticed him not as she sat lost inside of her own thoughts. Drear gazed hopefully at Eustacia, Eustacia stared out into the vastness of time itself, and Grace wondered if there would be goose dumplings for tea. None of them noticed that the ancient volume on the chair in the corner of the room was beginning to self combust.


  1. i just found your Etsy shop and! i love your lady eustacia!!! fabulous....i will be catching up on your other posts. i am a fan!

    1. I'm so sorry. Just now seeing this post. Hopefully you are still a fan and still checking out my newest creations!! Thank you!

  2. I'm most amused by all the peculiar names you've given your creations / characters.
    Very humorous.

  3. Just now seeing your comment. Thank you so much. I have a ball naming my characters!