Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For The Love Of Science

I know I'm not alone in my love of all the strange things found in the natural world. I love bones and bugs and wings, etc. Here is an image of the tiniest baby bird remains I've ever seen, found on my back patio. I don't know if the baby fell out of the nest or the nest got blown down or what the story was, but there he was face down without ever having a chance at life. There is something beautiful about his tiny mummified form, so I kept it, with my bugs and bones and bees and wings. You can see by the photo that he's tinier even than the locust. I'd love to hear from any of you who may feel the same way. Who get excited to find odd and sometimes sad little things out there during your daily travels. What little treasures to you hold on to that have special meaning for you?


  1. Well, I will admit that poor tiny bird is a little sad. And a little creepy. But mostly sad and I would still examine it, maybe even poke it with a stick! Maybe I would bury it. I would probably move it if it was in the path of foot traffic.

    Just in the last week or so I discovered a lifeless bumble bee (the fuzzy black and white rounded type) on the front steps of my house. I wondered about it. I mean, did it just happen to die on my front porch of old age? Did it fall from somewhere? Was it carried there by... something else? It is still there. Apparently I am much less inclined to move or bury a bug than a bird.

    (Also I read the next post. Had I known, perhaps I would have found myself a glass vial and put the bee in there, and asked if you would like it.) :D

    Sorry for the ramble! I am killing time at work lol. I found you through the Imaginarium Team at Etsy - the blog thread - though I am not a member of that team. ;)

  2. when my husband and I find such sad souls we bury them with a prayer. we have left little gravesites in many places.

  3. If the bird was newly dead, I would have buried it. It was so old, like a relic from an Egyptian tomb, it felt like a strange treasure.